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Integraate offers a natural partnership for startups and high growth companies. We understand Startups and high growth companies come with a unique set of requirements, a quick turnaround time and high quality solutions. At Integraate we start fast, scale strong and become profitable for our clients.
What We Do


We take a project from opportunity analysis through the design and build process and then through launch, growth and iteration phase.
Custom Software Development

When off-the-shelf applications doesn’t fit into our client need, we produce bespoke solutions that solves real problems.

  • Choose the right technology stack

  • Modularize the development like Lego blocks

  • Integrate with existing systems

Business Analysis

Before we engineer a product, we analyze the structure of the business, its processes and determine areas in which technology can add value.

  • Break the larger requirements into small pieces

  • Bridge business challenges and technology solutions

  • Finalize functional use cases

Legacy Software Modernization

We help in this inevitable journey that every high growth company has to embark on.

  • Retrofit the old system into new avatar

  • Massage/Archive/Migrate data into new system

  • Re-purpose functionality

  • Enable and Empower the user community

Blockchain-Based Development

We provide design and development services, native to EVM based chains and specific user cases build on Ethereum.

  • Defi Development

  • Oracle Development

  • Research on zero knowledge-based use cases
  • NFT commercialization
Product Development

We instill confidence in users through the best product that inspires users to engage and evangelize.

  • User Experience

  • Information Architecture

  • Rapid Prototyping

  • Build to change

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Next Gen Technology Enablement

We keep on experimenting with emerging technology, which ensures our stack is future-proofed and when something moves from toy to transformative, we have a nice head start.

  • Blockchain/dApps

  • AI/Machine Learning/Deep Learning

  • Quantum Computing

Who We Serve

Integraate re-imagines the industry classification as Startups and High Growth Companies in all major sectors. We leverage industry-specific knowledge and customize our products to each customer's unique requirements.

Finance & Banking

In a highly competitive landscape, survival and success for fintech companies will depend on being agile, innovative and open. At Integraate, we take the digital journey with our clients, transforming technologies, cultures and business models to create the next generation fintech companies.


Integraate has extensive experience in delivering platform based solutions to healthcare organizations. Our team of industry experts support clients, at every stage of the transformation process, from project consulting to system implementations.

Unmanned Aviation

With a high growth CAGR forecast and an growing organic industry needs, Unmanned Aviation Industry is expected to grow exponentially in future. Integraate has expertise in building field service management, fleet management and MRO solutions for this industry.

High Tech Manufacturing

Integraate high tech services specialize in innovative digital transformations that reduce costs, improve productivity and accelerate time to market. Our IT solutions take a unique human-centric approach to data analytics, mobility, cloud and social media to ensure client success and customer satisfaction.

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What We Promise

  • We treat our client as our partner in mutual success. We strongly believe in fair and transparent pricing.

  • We are not a reseller of any technology or platform of any third party vendor. We promise that we never have any commercial incentive while choosing a technology or approach. We base our decisions only on the fact how our customers would benefit from it.

  • Our choice of technology stack is purely based on project requirement, its future readiness and vendor support.

  • We understand our customer's time is a commodity, so completing every project on time is one of our biggest priorities.

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